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Samstag, 30. August 2008


" It is my opinion, that from my observations of these many many worldwide weather events, that about 92-96 pct of the weather over North America and Europe is persistently being manipulated.   That is, the vast majority of all weather these days is tainted by these technologies.   The bigger the weather event the greater the intention has been set in motion to make it a big event!   Hurricanes are no longer by-products of a natural process.

This means that ALL of these big weather disasters are created and are allowed, if not encouraged, to happen.   This will be the case until the masses of “useless eaters” as Henry Kissinger called us, wake up and begin to have a real influence on the matters of the world.   Or are gone.

Scott Stevens, Wetterforscher in USA, in seinem »Blog über den Wirbelsturm Gustav, der sich anschickt, in Katrina's Fußstapfen zu treten. Überhaupt ist dieses Blog sehr interessant, es bietet allerlei meteorologische  Informationen zu Wettergeschehen, HAARP und Chemtrails.


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